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Candidate Profiles in Corsicana Daily Sun

Candidate Q&A from Corsicana Daily Sun, published Feb 18th, 2020

Melanie Black, Libertarian Candidate for CD 6, Texas House of Representatives

• Some argue that this is the most partisan environment in Washington DC in generations. What issues do you believe that you could work to pass with members of different parties?

An overhaul of the current income tax code, pursuing a hard budget that addresses the National debt, curbing wasteful and redundant spending, bringing Federal government back to Constitutional limits, overhaul of Social Security and healthcare, legalization of drugs, pulling our troops back from overseas military actions.

• How would you propose to reduce spending and begin to tackle the $23 trillion national debt? Would you support a plan that included cuts to entitlement spending including Medicare/Medicaid, disability payments, or means testing of Social Security benefits?

The National Debt is the biggest financial issue we face right now. No single person is going to be able to come up with a one size fits all solution. It will take many people working toward the common goal of reducing it and balancing the budget.

Eliminating redundancies, reworking the budget allotment process, reviewing expenditures by the various agencies, looking at foreign aid, and reducing our involvement in overseas military actions are all vital to cutting spending. Proposing trillions in new spending without looking at paying down debt is a huge disservice to the people.

I don’t support cuts to Medicare/Medicaid or disability at this time. Cutting unnecessary expenditures should take priority over cutting money for peoples’ health insurance or the money they have to live on when unable to work.

I don’t support means testing for social security. For the most part, people are forced to participate in it. The Federal government should not have the right to restrict or control these funds. I would support making Social Security voluntary so people can easily opt out and put their retirement funds in investment vehicles of their choice.

• What issues specific to this Congressional District, which includes Navarro, Ellis, and Tarrant Counties would you focus on if elected in 2020?

The issues faced by people in CD 6 are the issues faced by everyone. A Federal government that has gotten too large and far removed from the people. Increasing national debt and proposed programs that will increase that debt , affecting generations to come.

Continued overseas military actions at a high cost both in money and people. Agencies who don’t appear to be accountable to the American people or have consequences for overreach and wrong doing.

The people in this district deserve representation that will work to limit the powers of the Federal government, cut spending, and preserve our Constitutional rights.

• As part of a representative republic, voters have a tremendous responsibility, however, many people believe the system doesn’t work. Do you consider the lack of confidence in the national government to be a problem? How would you work to restore the public trust?

Over the years, people have come to rely on the government to solve our problems. When it becomes evident that all too often the government creates more problems than it solves, people are dismayed and lose confidence. Bringing the message of personal freedom, a free market economy, and looking for non government solutions to societal problems whenever feasible would be a good start. Legislators need to be truthful about what can and can’t be done.

The continuation of the two party system has for too long limited choices for people whose political beliefs don’t align fully with either Democrat or Republican. Voters deserve to hear from all candidates.

I can’t promise that I will know every answer to every situation. I can promise I will strive to be a legislator that focuses on the Constitution, and adheres to the platform of the Libertarian Party whenever possible.

Committee to Elect Melanie Black
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